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    If Wal-Mart Paid Its Employees a Living Wage, How Much Would Prices Go Up?

    This video is excellent, crunching the numbers to see if it really is necessary/justifiable to pay Walmart employees so low. This video is part of a series entitled The Secret Life of a Food Stamp. Cheers anarcho-queer.

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Come Celebrate Tonight @chasitysamone Bday at 105 Rivington #NYC


    Come Celebrate Tonight @chasitysamone Bday at 105 Rivington #NYC

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    reebok no son nike-

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    Latin America wants independence from 'selfish policy of US' - →

    "Latin America is a unique region where left-wing politicians come to power by democratic path. They consider the globalization promoted by the USA to be imperialism unacceptable for them.."

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    Martin Puryear woodcut illustrations that accompanied the 2000 deluxe edition of Jean Toomer’s Cane

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    Rebellious Hipsters →

    "This is not supposed to be a political event, yet in the end it is political," says Mr Troitsky. He claims that politicians from both the government and opposition parties have approached him with offers to help organise future editions. "They have realised there is a force here," he adds…"

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    We don’t need the IMF.   No necesitamos el FMI.

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    5 Ways the Beat Generation Were Hipsters Before It Was Cool →

    Counterculture is still alive and well, carrying on the defiance, creativity, and nonconformity that were hallmarks of the Beat Generation.

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    Being Latino is not a cultural identity but rather a political one. Being Puerto Rican is not a racial identity, but rather a cultural and national one. Being Black is my racial identity. Why do I have to consistently explain this to those who are so-called conscious? Is it because they have a problem with their identity? Why is it so bad to assert who I am, for me to big-up my Africanness?

    My Blackness is one of the greatest powers I have. We live in a society that devalues Blackness all the time. I will not be devalued as a human being, as a child of the Supreme Creator.

    Although many of us in activist circles are enlightened, many of us have baggage that we must deal with. So many times I am asked why many Boricuas refuse to affirm their Blackness. I attribute this denial to the ever-rampant anti-Black sentiment in America and throughout the world, but I will not use this as an excuse. Often Puerto Ricans who assert our Blackness are not only outcast by Latinos who identify more with their Spanish Conqueror than their African ancestors, but we are also shunned by Black Americans who do not see us as Black.

    Nelly Fuller, a great Black sociologist, stated: “Until one understands the system of White supremacy, anything and everything else will confuse you.” Divide and conquer still applies.

    "Who Is Black?" - Rosa Clemente  (via duermoconculebras)

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